LB-lettermark for Litsa Babalis

About me

I am a Montreal based product designer delivering thoughtful experiences for web and mobile applications. I am passionate about design details that have a logical purpose behind them. I love structure and rules but not afraid to challenge myself and break them on occasion.

Design education

I’ve had the pleasure of being a teacher and mentor for a little over 5 years. I am committed to sharing knowledge and actively involved in design education and emphasizing the importance of continual learning and staying ahead of industry trends.


Kind, generous, attentive and knowledgable, Litsa is one of the pillars of my Graphic Design education.

Marlon Needelman, former student

Skills and proficiencies

I was an early adopter of Figma and have been using it since early 2017. I like to consider myself highly proficient in all industry tools.​

Fun facts

Coffee is my daily dose of
happiness in a cup

Cleaning and organizing is
my therapeutic escape

I cook with love,
but I eat with passion

I would also be happy to share my process and learnings via a virtual coffee chat.